"Some things are going to work out as if they were destined to happen… As if they were just meant to be."

Grey’s Anatomy, S08E13


Dilat pa rin ako. Natatakot akong matulog.

Ayaw ko kasi ng mga ganung panaginip. Wait— hindi pala panaginip yun, it was more like a nightmare. Sa panaginip ko kasi, I was indirectly talking to an entity— asking it not to scare/disturb us. And the next thing I know, paralyzed na yung katawan ko. May naramdaman din akong pressure sa upper limbs ko— parang nire-restrict para hindi ko ma-igalaw; may narinig rin akong matinis na tili that time. And then nagdasal ako ng "Our Father" and half way through, sinubukan kong igalaw yung lower extremities ko. Dun na ‘ko nagising.

Pero up until now, natatakot pa rin akong matulog. I had these kinds of nightmares naman na, pero ito na talaga yung pinaka-distressing. From the scale of 1 to P*tang-ina, nasa “T*ng-Ina-Fvck-Shit-24/7” yung takot ko, ganyan.

And about naman dun sa entity na nabanggit ko, alam ko namang meron dito sa amin— hindi lang naman ako yung nakakaramdam, pero as far as I know, aside from my Lola, ako palang yung sumubok na makipag-interact. I tried talking to it indirectly— yung parang sa isip ko lang. Lagi kong pinapaki-usapan na walang takutan, kung magpapa-feel man sya sana yung subtle lang. Pero da hell! Nakaka-stress na sya lately!

Ugh. I could use a cuddle buddy right now. Hihihi!

BOOM: At nakuha mo pa talagang humarot. NKKLK!

How to Save a Life (The Fray)

Grey’s Anatomy, S07E18 (Song Beneath the Song)

Meridith’s voice, tho. 

30 Things I Learned During the 30 Worst Days of my Life: November 2013

  1. There’s a reason schools teach Shakespeare instead of John Green; you make your own life, it’s not written in the stars, waiting to start until you find that person with the perfect smile.
  2. People are a hell of a lot smart than you think. Shut your mouth, stop thinking you know everything, and listen.
  3. Getting close and being vulnerable is scary as hell. But you know what else it is? Worth it.
  4. Reason really is the doctor to love.
  5. The moment you feel your happiness being dictated by another person, take a break from them.
  6. Take a step back and look around, you have more friends than you think.
  7. Growing up is going to happen and it’s going to be tough. Just stay close to those around you, you’re all in it together.
  8. If you’re still checking their Facebook/Instagram/tumblr, you’re never going to get over them.
  9. Everything seems worse in the morning. Don’t fall for it, it’s deceiving.
  10. No need to be so intense all the time. People get tired of swimming in the deep end, sometimes they need a break in the shallow part of the pool.
  11. Stop avoiding everything. Get out of bed, get dressed, go to school, go to work. It sucks at first but it’s part of the healing process.
  12. If the person makes you feel like shit and you still go back to them, it’s an abusive relationship.
  13. Headphones are great, but listen to music aloud every once in a while. Sometimes you need to scream a song so everyone can hear you.
  14. Boundaries are a must.
  15. You can be a caring person, but you need to be happy with yourself before you try to make others happy.
  16. Try and understand other’s intentions and situation before you get angry with them.
  17. Tough love is necessary sometimes.
  18. You can’t fix people no matter how hard you try. Get this engrained in your mind.
  19. Surround yourself with people who will love and support you.
  20. Loneliness is lethal and makes you have a distorted view of things.
  21. No one hates you more than you hate yourself. Stop being your own enemy.
  22. Someone can only hurt your feelings if you allow them to.
  23. Getting your shit back in order is five times as hard as it is to mess it all up.
  24. Listen to your parent’s advice.
  25. Be open to anything and everything. Life isn’t fun when you’re a closed book.
  26. Talking about your problems is great, but there comes a point when talking about it becomes dwelling on the past and it drains everyone around you. Know when you’ve hit this point.
  27. A lot of people don’t like their shit showing. More people than you know are going through hard times.
  28. Distract yourself.
  29. Don’t be so easily swayed, a lot of claims out there are not true.
  30. Some seasons of your life are harder than others. This too shall pass.

Cutest gay porn eveeeeeer!


Was torn between “hardcore” and “extreme”, but I chose the latter since I felt that it’s more— uh— suitable. Anyhow, I just turned 22 today,  so— ☺ ☮ ★ ♥.

"If flowers can
teach themselves
how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you."
Noor Shirazie, Springtime

Game of Thrones, S04E10

  • Waiting for Bran’s story-line finally paid off!
  • Patricide at its finest! Tyrion FTW! 
  • Arya sailing off to Bravos is as exciting as hell. I’ll surely miss Arya and The Hound’s duo, tho.